Anand Dhingra

Anand's photographic journey began with a Polaroid camera at age 9, taking portraits of his Golden Retriever, Coco Chanel.  He has been fascinated by photography (and dogs) ever since.  Born in Boston to Indian parents, he grew up in Massachusetts, spending his early childhood in Belmont before moving to Winchester during grade school.  He attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he studied Electrical Engineering.

In his free time, Anand can be found exploring the trails, streams and ponds near his Nashua, New Hampshire home, almost always accompanied by his two dogs, Molson and Dylan, and never without his trusty Nikon.  Anand's work spans landscapes, portraits, street shots, and abstracts but his true passion is the portraiture of dogs and other animals. 

His particular talent of capturing the spirit of his non-human subjects has earned him high regard among his friends and family.  Copies of his prints are always in demand. 

Beginning in the fall of 2008, Anand began offering his pet photography services commercially.

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“Dylan Sings the Blues”  (photo H. Parker)